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Wingsetter Mallard Call

Posted by Joe Mariani on


Wow, what a difference a couple of weeks makes in Northern Valley duck hunting.  Storms, rain, and floods have all flowed in and they brought the ducks along with them.  Here at Wingsetter, we've been busy working on the new reed for our Mallard Call.  Took it to the field today to test it out and it worked well.  We're getting it tuned in and hope to have it in production soon.  It's a little late for this season but it will be ready for next season.  It's important that we produce an affordable Mallard Call that not only sounds good but actually calls in ducks.  This call was developed by Mickey Sasso, a 25 time Pacific Flyway Calling Champion.  Check out our 8-in-1 and our Ez flutter calls in the mean time! Happy hunting!